Saturn in Aries

You take charge in order to get things done. You may prefer working solo or independently as you like to move quickly and you may get frustrated waiting on others. Your proactive attitude can be an asset, especially when deadlines are short. You may gravitate towards a career which gives you autonomy, freedom, or the power to set your own schedule – Aries is the sign of the entrepreneur. You can create security by taking the initiative rather than relying on others.

You may be fiercely independent or sometimes impatient. You may prefer to write your own rules, or even choose which rules apply to you. You won’t like to be controlled, limited or restricted.
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Saturn in Taurus

Your perseverance and ability to see things through to the end make you reliable and dependable. You will complete any task you set out to achieve, no matter how long it takes. The strong earth element of Saturn and Taurus can help you accumulate property, possessions or wealth. If you can switch investing for shopping, you’ll find it fairly easy to create lasting financial security.

You may prefer a more traditional path through life, as you appreciate the idea of ‘slow and steady wins the race’. You benefit from simple ideas that are applied consistently over time, which is the key to creating success, especially with money and in close relationships. Others respect you for being reliable, solid, and a true salt-of-the-earth person.
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Saturn in Gemini

Even though others recognize you as being intelligent and bright, you may fear not being smart enough. Saturn’s desire for mastery combined with Gemini’s love of knowledge can give you a passion for study or learning and the ability to think logically. This is a mental-mastery pairing that suggests talents regarding learning, writing, teaching, training and facilitation.

You may gravitate toward a life path focused on gathering and sharing information. You can connect people, places and things, and may be a master networker. Your wisdom, knowledge and expertise regarding communication, writing, ideas and gadgets is well respected. You may be good with your hands or simply good with words.
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Saturn in Cancer

Saturn’s desire for security and longevity can manifest as protectiveness in Cancer, which will help you take care of what you have. You may make astute choices regarding property investments or adopt a conservative attitude to your home and the way you manage your mortgage. Family relationships are also highlighted. If you lack the family relationships you desire, create a supportive community with like-minded people.

You will nourish and support loved ones, staff and friends equally. You can be sentimental about the past, and may want to honour your history through your life and work choices. Your life path may be influenced by a family business or the desire to carry on a family legacy.
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Saturn in Leo

Leo’s warm nature gifts you with traits like loyalty and leadership. You may seek a life path that helps you shine. The performing and dramatic arts or other expressive fields can help you develop and express your talents. You can feel shy even though you may be good at hiding it. If so, you will be able to ‘fake it till you make it’!

You may be blessed with magnetism, charm, and skills in management, and will always portray a polished and bright image. You may have a flashy, dramatic edge or pizzazz, and flair that others find irresistible. You’ll enjoy spearheading your own cause, or being top dog.
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Saturn in Virgo

You will have meticulous attention to detail, and your passion for specificity makes you a great asset in any editing, accounting, or professional role in which accuracy is important. You are thorough, but may need to manage a tendency to obsess over details. Your critical skills are top-notch and a life path which draws on your analytical abilities would be ideal.

Maintain good health and well-being, as personal wellness will be of equal importance to professional success. A strong sense of duty and service can help you excel in a support role or in a position in which your organizational skills and attention to detail can help others to succeed.
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Saturn in Libra

Relationship-building is your forte, so a life path that focuses on creating and sustaining partnerships will be ideal. You are conscientious and have a sense of duty. You are loyal to partners, personally and professionally. A fear of being alone could lead you to form unequal partnerships. Instead, take your time selecting partners – at work and in love – who will support you in return.

You may be passionate about speaking out against injustice and can draw on your interest in the arts to help convey your message. Your commitment to your ideals may mean that a career pursuing justice, fairness or equality will fit you best. Being ruled by artistic Venus means that creative or design fields may also appeal.
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Saturn in Scorpio

Scorpio investigates, and Saturn will help you delve into the depths to discover what’s really going on. You may be drawn to personal support industries like counselling and coaching or fields that focus on research or problem solving as Saturn in Scorpio works hard to leave no stone unturned. An interest in metaphysical subjects and anything with an esoteric or magical quality is possible.

Scorpio’s connection to secrets, power, mysteries, and money may describe the fields which you excel in such as a career in finance or politics. You may hold a lot of power and influence but prefer working behind the scenes.
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Saturn in Sagittarius

A strong sense of justice and the desire to live a meaningful life may inspire you to purse adventures that others only dream of. You may be drawn to law, religious, or philosophical fields, as justice and faith are part of your 'meaning' matrix. Overseas experiences or international associations can be lucky or lucrative.

There are no boundaries sacred to Saturn in Sagittarius, and your willingness to push limits or set your own terms can help you create success. Truth, meaning and purpose matter so it will be important to commit to a profession or role you truly believe in. You fear being limited or restricted and may sacrifice stability or even income for freedom.
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Saturn in Capricorn

You have a strong work ethic and an industrious attitude. You won’t shy away from a challenge and are willing to work on a deadline. Others love that you are always there and capable of providing enduring support. Professional roles that value follow-through and a long-term focus will be ideal. You appreciate success created over time, and will pay your dues on the way up the career ladder. You have a good sense of economy and can make resources go a long way.

You may work to protect legacies like those of a family, profession, industry or organization about which you are passionate. You will work diligently over time to create your own empire, either literally or in terms of a body of work about which you can be proud.
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Saturn in Aquarius

Intelligence and inventiveness are hallmarks of Saturn in Aquarius. You can apply yourself to new ideas, and may be most interested in emerging or new technology and knowledge. There is a scientific and rational quality to Aquarius that may gift you with talents in logic, insight and vision. Others may love your futuristic approach to life. An industry or a role that encourages innovation and development of new ideas would be a good fit.

Innovation and rule-breaking are essential to your success as you prefer to live – and work – on your own terms. If you should fear conformity, make bold choices that show your individuality. You may surprise people around you with your quirky or off-beat choices, but you have the confidence to follow an unconventional path.
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Saturn in Pisces

You may work best in private or away from others. Strong intuition gives you insight into what is needed before it is discussed. This can give you great 'people' skills, but may make time management tricky. Setting clear boundaries will be essential to success. Your affinity with creative or artistic pursuits may lead to niche opportunities.

Compassion, the arts, and intuition will play a part in what inspires you, and will describe the talents others recognize in you. You may be dedicated to a charitable cause, or enjoy working in fields that help those less fortunate. Even if you work in a traditional industry you may do so in an inspired or creative manner. Others are inspired by your dedication to making a difference.
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